Trinityrail Integrated Platform

TrinityRail Integrated Platform

Optimizing railcar ownership and usage for companies that rely on railcars to transport their commodities and goods

Trinity Integrated Platform

The TrinityRail integrated platform is designed to optimize the ownership and usage of railcars, enabling customers to devote more resources to their core competencies. The platform offers hundreds of different railcar designs that can be customized based on customer needs. It also offers a variety of railcar leasing alternatives and fleet management services, as well as railcar manufacturing, maintenance, repairs, and modification services. The components of the platform work synergistically, with the goal of providing an unparalleled customer experience. The strength and breadth of the platform position TrinityRail to provide value to customers throughout the railcar life cycle.

Our vision for TrinityRail is to be a premier provider of railcar products and services in North America while generating high-quality earnings and returns for shareholders. Ultimately, we envision the TrinityRail integrated platform as the "go-to" source for companies that rely on railcars to transport bulk commodities and goods.

Each component of the TrinityRail integrated platform has an important function that is essential to the platform's success. TrinityRail's commercial services team works collaboratively to develop packages of railcar products and services that meet customers' specific needs. Our railcar leasing and management services business provides opportunities for TrinityRail to engage with customers throughout the railcar life cycle, strengthening our relationships and creating a direct feedback loop that helps our businesses continuously refine and improve their products and services. Our leasing and management services business also generates recurring revenues and profits, providing a stable and growing source of cash flow.

Our product development and design professionals contribute to top-line growth by developing new railcar designs and features for customers. Our manufacturing businesses help optimize the ownership and usage of railcars by offering the broadest line of railcar equipment in the industry and by building high-quality products. TrinityRail's maintenance services business expands our service offerings to the owners and lessees of railcars. Our secondary railcar sourcing and sales team and our railcar ownership program for institutional investors provide important services that support the company's leasing, management, manufacturing, and maintenance operations.