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Trinity is driven to further integrate the key principles of sustainability to enhance long-term strategic development for Trinity.
E. Jean Savage
Chief Executive Office
and President
Since inception in 1933, Trinity Industries has made a commitment to ethical business practices, sound governance and resource stewardship as guided by our Core Values. Trinity’s commitment is as strong today as ever—our Executive Team and Board of Directors are driven to further integrate the key principles of sustainability to enhance long-term strategic development for Trinity, including environmental stewardship, safety and quality assurance, corporate social responsibility, and diversity and governance.

Railcars play an important role in the industrial supply chain by transporting our country’s most important products across the North American continent. Railcars are a sustainable mode of transportation and the most economical mode of land-based transportation. I’m proud of the role that our railcars play in lowering the overall environmental footprint of the transportation industry. We take our commitment to reducing our own environmental impact seriously and engage cross-functional collaborative teams to meet and exceed our sustainability standards.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and our Core Values are foundational to our Company’s culture, setting standards for professional conduct, and promoting a workplace that is inclusive and free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. We are deeply committed to hiring and retaining the best talent available and promoting opportunities for professional development. Beyond our vocations, philanthropy and community involvement are a cornerstone of our culture, and Trinity’s charitable campaigns are of local and national significance.

As CEO, I’m proud of the disciplined risk management practices we have in place as well as our track record of operational excellence and safety. We actively engage stakeholders across our environmental, health and safety (EHS) initiatives to continually improve processes and performance as we operate our businesses with a goal of zero injuries and incidents. Furthermore, our proprietary Safety and Environmental Certification Process aligns with ISO and Responsible Care© standards.

Our strong governance practices support the promotion of long-term interests of stakeholders while strengthening accountability and inspiring trust. Throughout our Company’s evolution, we have taken steps to improve our governance practices to promote best-in-class leadership, diversity, independence and shareholder-aligned incentive practices at the most senior level. Trinity maintains an independent Chairman to lead our Board of Directors as well as a strong slate of Directors with proven, independent and diverse executive talent, bearing witness to the broad culture of continuous improvement engrained within our Company. Additionally, our long-term incentive plan metrics are returns-focused, directly aligning our executive’s interests with those of shareholders. We’re also proud of the gender diversity we have at the most senior level, including strong female representation on our Board – and it’s something we will continue to be committed to across all levels of our organization.

At Trinity, we strive to use company resources in ways that make a positive contribution to the communities in which we live and operate, collaborating with key stakeholders to maximize impact for current and future generations.

I’m incredibly proud of our people and culture, the strong track record of operational excellence and risk management, and our commitment to being responsible stewards of the environment.

E. Jean Savage
Chief Executive Office and President